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Who is 3Victors?


Victors is a Travel BigData & AI company providing airline revenue managers, travel marketers, and financial analysts unique new insights into consumer demand and airfare pricing. The 3Victors proprietary platform ingests more than 200 million worldwide user-generated flight requests daily into a big data repository. Our goal is to lead a generational change from 'batch decision making' to 'real-time' utilizing our Travel Data Analytics as a Service' business model.  

3V aggregates the best of breed high velocity data in travel and combines that with state of the art AI algorithms to provide customers the insights they need to move the needle in dozens of critical travel-related use cases.

3Victors is a subsidiary of ATPCO, the airline industry's leading source for airline merchandising and pricing data. The learn more, visit https://www.atpco.net/press/atpco-3Vs

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Provide actionable intelligence so that our customers can make informed business decisions

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