Why United Airlines can't wait for summer

The carrier foresees a return of normal summer vacation flying - the most promising sign yet that a recovery might finally be underway in the airline industry after some false starts.

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Prioritizing & Marketing Travel Safety Will Help Capture Rising Demand

Demand has been building for a long time now, and data says all those eager travelers are most likely to fly with airlines providing a safe journey.

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How Sly Travelers Cut their Airfares in Half

Tracking new routes and flights is one of the last old-school tricks to lower ticket prices that still works. Expect plenty of deals to Hawaii in 2020.

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COVID-19: Forward indicators for Australia aviation & travel

In projecting likely outcomes as the COVID-19 coronavirus disrupts all previous predictions, CAPA has turned to our data partners, some of the best forward indicator data sources in aviation:

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The Signals That Will Point To Airline Industry Recovery

Understanding where and when air travel demand starts moving will be essential to the aviation industry reset.

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Tracking Air Travel's Recovery With ARC, BCG And 3Victors | The Beat

As air travel skids along the bottom of a deep demand depression, all eyes are peeled for signs of recovery. When will passenger levels return to pre-Covid-19 levels? What shape will recovery take? Are there green shoots? Where are they sprouting?

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COVID-19: Travel search. How repatriation became the main driver

As the COVID-19 coronavirus quietly emerged from the shadows in Wuhan and the news started to spread, CAPA's analysis shows airlines searches ("shopping") closely tracked its development, as illustrated in 3Victors data.

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There Are Plenty of Coronavirus Flight Deals Out There, But Think Before You Buy

The coronavirus has many homebound travelers thinking about an inexpensive vacation once social distancing eases.

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Resuming Business Travel Is Complicated But New Resources Help

Demand for guidance on how to bring back business travel is immense. Some new resources could help companies get started.

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Cancel that meeting

Hi there, My two cents after week 7 in home office: I was one of those who thought that work-from-home would get rid of some unnecessary meetings. But instead, it lead to more video calls. My hypothesis: most video calls could just be emails or Slack...

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Summer travel is still a question mark. But summer airfare sales are here anyway.

There may be a pandemic going on, but some airlines are still promoting summer travel with discounted tickets.

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